Competency 1A

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Know your public library context[edit | edit source]

Public library staff should have a basic knowledge of their public library workplace. This will include introductory knowledge of:

  • the ethics and values of public library and information access including the role of proactively supporting freedom of information and customer confidentiality (Australian Library and Information Association, 2007).
  • the role of supporting professional organisations eg ALIA, IFLA.
  • the role of the public library to enable members of Australian communities, including new residents and emerging communities, to participate in all aspects of Australian life, including the democratic process.

Public library staff should also understand the ways in which public libraries:

  • actively contribute to social inclusion for all members of the Australian community especially regarding literacy.
  • enable Australians to contribute to the economic wellbeing of their communities.
  • support local cultural development and the enjoyment of creative arts especially reading.
  • support participation in lifelong learning.

Public library staff should develop an awareness of the application of other disciplines/ competencies they have acquired and their application in a public library context.